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Despite only half-century history, CG has some icons and legends, which are worth being aware of – something that I find extremely inspirational or something that could bring you several points on a geeky party. Here are few links:

bug renderThe best quality image I managed to find on a web – the first photorealistic render ever, done by Bui Tuong Phong, Robert McDermott, Jim Clark and Raphael Rom. The PDF with some amazing details.

the original teapotMartin Newell’s teapot, squeezed later by Blinn and strongly (and wrongly) associated with 3DSMAX.




A Cornell Box, Lenna and a Stanford Bunny as some starting points for further digging.


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List of professions to depict…

professions cartoons by Elena Kozlova

Sometimes it seems that a choice of characters for a contemporary artist (at least for a digital one) has narrowed down to a dozen or so, highlighting a super-cool-bodybuilder-warrior, a super-sexy-female-warrior, a wizard, a monster, a cartoon, a robot and a few more… Besides, the human character is very likely to be in the age of 25-40, with a face freed from most emotional signs… I don’t mind any of those plots, I’d just like to remember that there are some other – so below goes a rough list of ideas for creating a character, mostly based on a register of professions.

  • mechanic / technician
  • smith
  • laundress / washer
  • iceman
  • baker / cook
  • (more…)

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